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Postby Plumbum » Sun May 03, 2015 1:09 pm

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Subject title: Starting a sketchbook or not

I have been thinking for some time whether or not I should start a sketchbook here. I try to draw for hours every day except when I'm too sick/ill for that, so it's not because I'm not motivated that I was considering this. I think it's because I feel a bit lonely when it comes it art. I simply have no friends that is doing anything related. I can't get any feedback that is too useful and I can of course not give any either.

I on the other hand am very nervous about posting any of my art online. I know it is irrational and very few people care, but it's there. I'm afraid that it will haunt me forever I guess.

So yeah what do you guys think? I really love this forum :) , so I feel much better about asking the question here that pretty much any other place.
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Postby Ambiguity » Sun May 03, 2015 1:31 pm

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Yes, don't think, post it :D. Seriously though, the weird thing about online sketchbooks is a lot of people think they need to win a popularity contest, but if they thought about what owning a physical SB is all about it's just about recording progress, ideas, and just having fun drawing in general. With an online SB maybe someone will say something you never thought about that can help you progress faster, maybe they'll encourage you enough that' you'll want to draw more, but the aspects of a physical SB don't change.

Anyways, the worst that can happen is you actually draw and post it; that doesn't sound so bad to me :).


Postby isamuffin » Sun May 03, 2015 7:39 pm

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I literally post anything I barf out of my pencil. Someone has yet to come up to me and ask me to stop and nobody really cares (except maybe Sam cause I'm polluting his sb XD but it's a long story of how come we are sharing ..) so I think you don't risk much XD
Opening a sketchbook here and posting daily is the best thing I've done this year - trust me you won't regret it ! :D
I made great friends and learnt a ton from them so I'm sure you can too ! :D (and I'm like an ultimate turd when it comes to art so don't worry if you lack confidence in your level were here to learn together !)
I was a little shy at first too, I didn't think to much of my future in art and lacked motivation, but the thing is just to go ahead and do it already XD
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