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Postby TheObliviousOwl » Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:04 pm

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Subject title: Doctaword's Sketchbook

Just awesome paintings. Really great work! Keep it up! :D


Postby ElevFeria » Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:42 pm

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Damn, you are really good. Senpai notice me pls lol


Postby Alphawolfin » Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:16 am

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i find it quite daring to critique someone who is way better than me but i can´t get rid of the idea that your work at some part the need more sharpness, spikier, harder edges or on shiny part especially on the armor pushing the highlight in form of little dots reflecting 100% light, the hair looks clumpy draw in some smaller thiner streak or moving in different direction because in my eyes your characters look like they were in a "gummybearsuit of nonsharpness and no detail" which take away the dangerous look or just looked like it is not rendered until finish. These artpieces you put them on your website as finished artwork i wouldn´t recommend you to do so yet and render them a little more. I assume that you are only using a soft brush for all the rendering process pls correct me if i´m wrong. Maybe u can experiment with a hard round brush on a different layer to see if the edges are working out or make use of techniques where u can draw all over the place but still maintaining clear edges with masking. Ok it´s nothing wrong with it using a soft brush all the time but u can take a hardedge eraser then to compensate hard egdes. Pay more attention to smaller details because the whole picture and concept and posing of the character is already well done, at "the totally a punch in ya face" stage. It just have to stay at that level for the case if someone gonna watch and zoom in closely. Don´t worry so much about your portefolio or stop drawing because of insecurity because only artist can see the artist flaws.

I hope u are not offended by this critique i don´t want to make fun of your artwork. DON´T KILL ME I´M A FAN WHO JUST WANT TO HELP

3. Semester now specialise on your strenght... but on what if there are so many? I guess it´s illustration for now.


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