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Postby CaptainKiryu » Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:31 am

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Subject title: Captain Kiryu's Sketchbook

Petr wrote:Hi, Kiryu,

I think that your sketchbook is a really good example and also a proof that drawing a lot is always a good way how to improve.
wish you a lot of inspiration and enjoy your drawing process :)

Thanks, mate. And I drawing is one of the things that fulfills me the most so I do tend to enjoy it^^
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Postby CaptainKiryu » Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:56 pm

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It seems like I'm developing a habit of finishing/starting sketchbooks in January and May haha. I ended up liking a lot of the drawings in this book so there will be more posts from it. I think I'm gonna try to add more notes related to each drawing cuz I was sort of going through a lot while I did these. Also, I think it'd be nice to read more about people's thoughts and feelings that occur with their drawings. Even if it does take ages to write. I started this sketchbook 15 May 2018 and finished 2 Jan 2019.

This was a redo of a drawing from the sketchbook right before this one I think---I was super unhappy with the original because it had like no gesture and crappy expressions. So I tried to make the redo much more dynamic and add more physical interaction between the characters so that they weren't just standing next to each other.

I was struggling this day in general on the left page so on the right page I did some redos as an ego boost---which I recommend for when one is feeling bad about their art. Even if you end up liking the older version better it will give you stuff to contemplate about where you are going and whether you actually want to go there.

More redos---starting to see a pattern? I tend to get a bit of that beginning--of--sketchbook anxiety so to break the ice I tend to redraw a lot of things. I was continuing my experiments with colour play and my various pens. I also started adding plants...for decoration?

Here is one of the first two--page spreads of this sketchbook, of which there are many. I've done them in the past, but not in the same way. I think I was just getting tired of the arrangements I was tending toward when I was restricting to the single, letter--oriented pages. This is also a fairly new character that makes many appearances in this sketchbook as I really felt out their character. I named them Sean---and he's got a pretty rotten personality that I'll probably go into further as more drawings of her are shown.

This two--pager was more organic and random because I was just sketching outright with pen.

Getting more decorative---I'm pretty new with this sort of ornamental thing---even though its something I really like. So I've been looking at bakes on pintrest that have these sort of molding/plant--like decorations and copying them into into more 2d patterns and mushing a bunch of different ones together. I guess it's just sort of an exercise in increasing visual library because the last few per page tend to be me getting bored of looking at reference and going off on my own with the shapes and lines I've just been observing.

These are mostly redos I think---the two fems are referenced from random pretty people's selfies and the mascs are just from imagination. I think I even took these from older drawings that were on different pages. Played around with colours and flowers again. The burns on the other page were just me being experimental---they weren't an expression of dark thoughts or feelings.

I really like orange and light blue together---it makes a really strong character contrast

More redos with more pintrest referenced decorations. I think most of the patterns were from breads.

I don't own a ton of manga, but I have a handful of complete series. One of them is Gentleman's Alliance Cross by Arina Tanemura. There's a lot about her art I liked---mostly the uniqueness of her style and a lot of the finishes. But that whole, giant--eyed shojou style isn't really me, so I kinda doodled some smaller versions of her illustrations how i might if they were my characters. The other page is more of Sean---but I wasn't really satisfied with the background decorations. They came out pretty sloppy and not very appealing. I was looking at snowflake shaped cookies.

On the upper left you can see my beans, which are something I drew a lot of in this sketchbook, I just didn't think most of them would be of interest to this forum. They are sort of a production of feeling so sad that I couldn't make a human expression in drawing. Me and my sister have a habit of deflecting such things with humor. The other drawing is a redo.

So on the left I was doing another Tanemura study, but i inserted my own characters and made a slight adjustment. One of the other series I really liked when I was younger was Bleach by Tite Kubo. And one thing that really stuck with me for some reason was this illustration of Rukia, Ichigo and Renji where he talks about planning it so that Renji was looking at Rukia, Rukia was looking at Ichigo, and Ichigo was looking at the camera. It just adds a really cool, slightly tense flow to me that I wanted to try. I really like the colours in this one. They feel very jewel--toned which is something I really dig. They other side is just redos of some really old stuff.

I just really like lime green

This is a redo of something that I've had several unsuccessful rounds at before. It really doesn't resemble the old version much at all. I took two female characters that were based off of high school friends and made them masc enbies with better outfits. I'm pretty happy with the flowers and the colours. I was looking at cabbage roses which have a really interesting shape to me, but they are really hard to draw. I think its because its hard to process their edges with their larger form which is almost spherical.

I took some doodles---from my last sketchbook I think of this character and turned them into a more finished piece. I was pretty happy about it. I use play with this character's appearance a lot because I imagine them wearing lots of different outfits and doing their hair and makeup in many different ways because they like to look good. I start to use flowers more here and more symbolically. Lot's of different sorts have different meanings you know? Sunflowers aren't the only sort that fit Ali, but they are pretty easy to draw.

Lilies for AJ because they symbolize loss.

More Sean. He's sort of a character that developed unexpectedly. I'm definitely the sort of person who expresses things kind of indirectly. I tend to do that thing where I "break myself into pieces and give the pieces names" when I make characters. I got a new job and had to socialize with people my own age a lot which introduced some conflict with my own self image and the fears I have surrounding how I interact with others. I am not a very moderate person. My personality is sort of on a pendulum it feels---but the swings happen over the course of years so it's not as evident to anyone who hasn't known me for a long time. And seeing as how most of my relationships with other people seem to have a certain expiration date. And this past year or so has made it really obvious that since I graduated high school and didn't hear from most of my old friends I had become really afraid of letting people get close to me---and that was combined with self-hatred and resentment over being rejected and forgotten. So Sean is a manifestation of all my cruelest thoughts related to these feelings. And the succulents are important to this as well.

I wanted to give Astrea/Dummati a shorter hairstyle. And also wanted to draw Damaris looking handsome with flowers.

I think this was a redo of sorts? I think I was thinking about the styling of these characters and playing with colours.

I think this was sort of an expression of me being a non-binary, bisexual mess?

On the left I was trying to sort out how Sean feels like her heart is dead and unable to love other people in a way that isn't twisted and selfish. The right page is just lame doodles of him looking frustrated.

I had written a note in my commonplace notebook after a hard revelation I had one day. It said "Every day my heart grows new thorns". I don't think it needs much explanation.

Unfocused pain. Feeling of restricted speech.

That pain becoming a feeling of cruelty and retaliation. Smiling and lashing out with mean words and jokes.

More flowers. Yellow carnations being particularly important to me.
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Postby CaptainKiryu » Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:03 am

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More drawings and captions from my 15 May 2018--2 Jan 2019 sketchbook.

I am really bad at fanart and I have had many failed attempts at drawing this character from Angel Diary---but I finally got a result that I don't hate. He looks nice in pink, I think.

Thinking about framing and Damaris's hair

These are both redos---the one on the right has given me so much trouble from the start. But I'm really happy with this version---especially the colours. I like variations on the red v blue palette to establish rivalry.

I've been playing The Arcana mobile game thingy and wanted to draw the Apprentice for me (on the left) and my sis who also plays it (on the right). I tried an earlier design that failed because I realized I tend to picture the Apprentice as looking pretty much like me. Nadia reads my clothing enough that I figured it should look a bit tacky?

More Sean with bellwort flowers---maybe they are not capable of change.

AJ with colours I like

More AJ with punchy colours---their story setting is sort of futuristic so I like to give them bright colours.

Redos with colours that remind me of the sort of toys I used to play with as a child in the '90s and early 2000s. I was trying again with Angel Diary fanart on the right but I failed pretty hard with getting the right expressions for the character. I made him look a lot more malicious.

One of my imaginary friends came back after a couple of years of being MIA and he changed---probably cuz I have too.

Sean and some threatening flowers---pretty self-explanatory

Again---moodiness swinging between extremely silent depression and irritation and contempt.

My imaginary friends are getting old.

I don't remember what the flowers on the left mean or what they are, but I think it was fitting and I liked the weird, dill--like fronds that the leaves tended to have. On the right I was just trying to draw pretty girls after looking at tattoo designs. Girls aren't really my strong--suit. I'm better with men and masc enbies.

Kind of a boring redo on the left that I think would've been much better with orange or pink instead of red. And some doodles of HR on the right that I liked.

Finally managed to draw some old friends well. But I have had trouble reaching out to them lately. Time doesn't appear to be on my side.

Sean feeling strangled by unrequited feelings
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Postby supremeleaderbobo » Thu Nov 21, 2019 5:09 pm

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just looked back at your cricket sketches...jaw is on the floor.
hey man you like drawing wow crazy me too what are the odds wow small world wow


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