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Subject title: The Wizarts group!

I've made a Facebook group called Wizarts recently. In order to start things off, there's a tiny project in which all of you can participate in! The aim is to create a picture of Yin Yang together with everyone's art!

Everyone has a unique take on life, don't you agree? People have their own life philosophy that can be conveyed using a sentence or two. For example: someone who likes to help might agree with, "the more you give, the more you get".Do you have a sentence that can show your take on life? Can you come up with a sentence that let's others know about your unique perspective? If you do, then please let it out. Express yourself by making an artwork!

You can use typography, write it down yourself, doodle, make designs and just let your creative flow to convey your way of life on a either a black or white colored plain background. But keep one thing in mind: simple is always good! You can submit up to 2 artworks. All the artworks will be gingerly put together to form the picture of Yin Yang.

Please submit your artwork here on the Facebook group:

Your Facebook name will be tagged in the appropriate place in the picture so people can know who contributed to make this happen! The group you'll be submitting your artwork to is called Wizarts. It is a relatively new group waiting to be brought to life by creative people like you! So, feel free to join the group to know when the finished Yin Yang will be posted and also to submit your own artworks. You can submit anything from doodles to photography, as many as you like (NSFW artworks are not accepted).

Start expressing yourself now. Take a few minutes to find the sentence that describes your way of life and turn it into a simple artwork! Doesn't it sound fun? After you're done with that, don't forget to submit your creation!

Thank you very much for reading this ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Here's one made by me for the big picture of Yin Yang:

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