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Postby Cheecken » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:01 am

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Subject title: Searching an art buddy to improve with

Hey everyone! I joined this forum some weeks ago and it really gave me a big boost of motivation and positivity due to the amazing community. I desperately want to improve and I thought that having a study buddy, or just having friends which are interested in art in general would be a cool thing to motivate each other and to improve together. I am open to anyone, wether my capabilities are better equal or worse than yours, I think in every condition we could help each other. As a reference on what I draw and how good my stuff is right know you can chec out my sketchbook here:

When you are interested in improving with me, you can PM me right away, post some samples of your work here or send a link where some work of yours is, wether its deviantart or a sycra forum post or something else, doesn't really matter. :P
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Postby Animekid77 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:47 pm

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Did you get an art buddy?

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