This is where you can find, or volunteer to be, an art mentor, trainer, or mutual study buddy to help you push your art to the next level!

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Subject title: New here? Read this first!

Hey everyone.

So, I often get asked if I could help with mentoring people... And unfortunately, right now, the answer is no, because I just don't have the time. I've had to drop all my private students as well... BUT! I think it's possible for other people with time to volunteer to be a mentor or an art trainer, or simply, a study buddy who you can work with.

Let's say you're a level 12 artist ( yeah, I'm an RPG nerd so I'm gonna talk in terms of levels ), you don't need a level 80 artist to help you get better, you just need a level 13 or higher artist right? And if you are looking for someone to be a buddy with, who you can set goals with, and work together to achieve those goals, then you just need someone roughly around your level ( maybe +/- 3 levels ).

SO! How do you volunteer to be a mentor, art trainer or study buddy?

Create a new thread, and let people know your availability. Also, post your work so people can have a sense of what you are able to do. If you have any specific art training, then maybe you can highlight that as well. Or if you'd like to teach a certain topic. So for instance, if you are a bad ass at drawing eyes, and you wanna pass on that knowledge, then you would let people know you specialize in drawing eyes, and include images of your work that display that.

For people who want to study with you, they can reply to your thread and post their work, and their goals. If the mentor/trainer/buddy feels they can help the other artist, then cool, you can get together and work towards improving!

I would ask that in your thread topic, you indicate whether you are AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE so that people know whether or not you're available.

One more thing... I would like to keep this a purely voluntary service. If you charge for your services... Well, I suppose that's okay, but make it clear what your rates are. Ideally, this will be a purely voluntary activity spurred on by the desire to help the art community LEVEL UP!

Thanks, and good luck!

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